This blog is a personal project that aims to inform both visitors and its author on a variety of topics included under the banner of geology, climatology, and evolution. I try to balance articles on peer-reviewed research with commentary on current events related to science, and I make a point to throw in a personal touch from time of time when possible. The content is largely geared toward a popular audience with some background in formal science education, though truly, the only requirement is an interest in the geological sciences.

Simply stated, if you are here, this blog is for you.

update as of November 25, 2010

Blogging is not always an easy task. First, there is finding things about which to write. That’s generally not a problem in one sense, given the wealth of events and new information available, but the question ends up being – with so many topics, what should I write about? Classic opportunity cost. Second, there is the problem of trying to figure out how to write so that visitors to this blog will actually stay for a minute and come away with something useful. I haven’t perfected this. I’ll need some time on that one. Third, are the things I write about an actual reflection of my interests? I created sonomae with a specific purpose in mind, but I find myself subconsciously deviating from that at times. It’s almost a juvenile reaction where I don’t want to write about the things I want to write about. …Right. Anyway, all this adds up to a general question of whether this blog means anything, and to a large extent it explains why there’s been a serious lack of (quality) posting since last spring.

That said, as I think about it, I come to the conclusion that maybe all is not lost, and that while this thing has some growing pains associated with it, I shouldn’t write it off just yet… at least, not yet. I’m looking forward to contributing on a frequent basis from now on.